2020/03/06: 【R-CCS-Net】【Important】【Ongoing】About change of inquiry and application correspondence with New Coronavirus measures *4/1 Updated

The procedure for using some services of R-CCS-Net Helpdesk will be changed.
for new coronavirus measures.

(Updated on April 1st, 2020)
It was until April 30th, but we extend it indefinitely in light of the current situation.
We will announce you before it is over, so we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

See below for details.

About Contact

    Please contact by email or telephone.
    There is no change in business days and hours.
    Please note that we cannot support face-to-face.

    [R-CCS-Net Helpdesk]
    Email : r-ccs-net-desk[at]ml.riken.jp
    TEL : 078-381-9617
    OPEN : 9:00-17:20 (weekday only)

Application with R-CCS-Net Application System

    1. Device Registration (MAC address registration)
      No change.

    2. R-CCS-Net Application (Groupware, wireless LAN (r-ccs-wlan), VPN)
      There is a change in the notifying the password for installing the client certificate used for wireless LAN / VPN.
      - Paper-based sealed letter (Handed to applicant or proxy applicant)
      - Garoon “Message” function (notify the applicant’s Garoon account)
      Notification by sealed letter will be stopped, and the password will be notified using Garoon “Message” function only.
      – For R-CCS Personnel
       The password will be sent to the Garoon account of both the applicant and the proxy applicant by Garoon “Message” function.
       If the applicant does not have access to Garoon, the proxy applicant should notify the applicant of the password.
      – For Outside Institute Personnel
       The password is notified to the groupware account shared in each organization by Garoon “Message” function.
       If the applicant does not have access to Garoon, please ask members of the organization to confirm the password.

Application with paper-based application form *Updated on April 1st, 2020

    Normally, the original paper application form have to be brought to R-CCS-Net Helpdesk office.
    But during the countermeasure period, please send the PDF data to R-CCS-Net Helpdesk by e-mail.
    For applications that require a seal from the superior, please do the following instead of the seal.
    – Include your supervisor in email CC
    – Describe in the body of the e-mail that it is approved by the supervisor

    Please keep the original application (paper) so that it is not lost because you submit it after this measure is over.